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Uwe Weinreich
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Coaching + Mentoring - grow, convince and stay on top

Uwe Weinreich

High-performance athletes get coached, especially when they are are already a top performers. Founders, business owners and top managers also benefit. I have always appreciated coaching during my entrepreneurial life, and meanwhile, I have supported numerous people as a mentor and coach myself.


Verstanden werden © charlesdeluvio @ unsplash

To be understood

Family, friends and colleagues do not necessarily understand what you do and how you do it when you carry high responsibility.


Lösungen © krakenimages @ unsplash

Cutting the knot

Sometimes it takes another look at a situation to break an impasse.


Bewältigen © Elisa Ventur @ unsplash

Getting out of a low

No one has endless energy, even if this is expected of top performers. The only thing that helps is to refuel, to find new strength. 


Neue Wege © Christina @ wocintechchat @ unsplash

Finding new goals and paths

Sometimes it takes a mental reset and a change of course to reach new goals.


Uwe Weinreich

Uwe Weinreich - Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor

Along with my solid academic training as a psychologist, I also bring to the table more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur who has solved many challenges and survived several crises. Therefore, I know very well how it feels when challenges become daunting.

I can offer you a protected space in which we can dive into your topic and find solutions together. 

Unlike purely psychological coaching, we will not only look for solution competencies that are already dormant in you, but also actively examine the business side. It will be strictly solution oriented coaching.

It will not be a kind of psychological introspection, but pragmatic problem solving.



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