Uwe Weinreich
Strategy & Innovation
Uwe Weinreich
Strategy & Innovation
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Uwe Weinreich

Uwe Weinreich
Translating vision into business

Digital Strategy + AI + Cultural Transformation


Facilitating transformation, coaching, and working alongside entrepreneurs and top managers when it comes to leading the company into a digital and AI-enabled future, delighting customers, inspiring employees and developing high-performance teams.

Read here about the huge upheavals companies are facing as a result of AI.




5 cases every company knows

  1. Innovation – especially in digital form and with AI – must be developed faster and more precisely to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. A new business area, company, or project needs much more leadership and management than is currently noticeable there.
  3. The company needs to become more agile and produce faster results.
  4. The organization and the employees have to be guided through a demanding change process.
  5. The top management simply needs an additional view from the outside to remain able to stay able to make decisions and take action on a safe level.



What I can contribute

Through education and experience, I combine three important elements of modern business management:

  • Strategy development and implementation with a clear focus on results
  • AI and digitalization expertise since 1990
  • Graduated psychologist for in-depth customer understanding, empathic leadership, and agile working

This fusion of skills allows for a safe, resilient, and people-centered general management of technology-enabled companies.



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